Stacy is fascinated by the sources of light—both natural and architectural—in her travels and in her work. She thinks about light very early in the design process. She layers the lighting for different moments during the day, for different moods, for all the ways someone lives in a space. Sometimes a fixture becomes a focal point in the room; other times it’s intended to almost disappear. For Stacy, lighting is always integral to a harmony that is greater—even more appealing, even more comfortable—than the sum of its parts.

Stone Interiors’ portfolio reflects more than 25 years of distinctive residential projects, which now comprise the studio’s primary focus. Stacy’s approach is intrinsically collaborative. Everyone in the studio draws on one another’s strengths, and this camaraderie sparks many inspirations and solutions. Stacy seeks the same dynamic when working with architects and contractors, and with fabricators around the globe. Her process always begins with an ‘anything is possible’ mindset.

Stacy’s studies in Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon provided the foundation of her practice. After graduating, she first worked for several years on the cutting edge of retail, designing immersive aspirational brand experiences for Esprit and Levi’s. She then segued to designing warehouse spaces for Internet start-ups. Stacy is never formulaic, and has completed several intriguing specialty commissions, including a winery and a legendary music hall.

Products designed by Stacy Stone

2610 Le Coulage Pendant
Le Coulage
3070 Stonehenge Swing Arm Wall
Stonehenge Swing Arm
3074 Stonehenge Contour Wall
Contour (45)
5070 Stonehenge Floor
Stonehenge Floor Lamp
5090 Lumenesce Floor Lamp