The Wiseman Group
The Wiseman

Designer Paul Vincent Wiseman was born in the rich delta country of California's Sacramento Valley. His formative years in that agricultural community fostered an uncommon sensibility and grounding, but he has always marched to the beat of his own drum. By his mid-twenties, his zest for travel had taken him all over Europe and the Far East, and he had lived for extended periods in both France and Australia.

Building on an innate appreciation for history, culture, art, and architecture, this exposure to disparate cultures and their decorative arts left a deep impression on the young Mr. Wiseman. He resolved to return to San Francisco and make his way in the design world. He founded his interior design business in 1980, never losing track of what those early experiences taught him: to be truthful to what is authentic and eschew forcing elements that simply do not fit the "story" of a property.

Nearly thirty-six years later, The Wiseman Group has achieved a reputation for creating luxurious interior design of world-class quality. He and his ace team, lead by design principals James Hunter, Brenda Mickel, and Mauricio Munoz, as well as CEO Kevin Peters, have received numerous prestigious awards, including Architectural Digest's 100 Best Designers list (multiple years), Veranda's Art of Design Award (2010), and the Julia Morgan Award (2014), given by the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art for excellence in classical design.

Products designed by The Wiseman Group

2730 Huntington Chandelier Ceiling
Huntington Chandelier
3103 Robertson Wall
Robertson Sconce
3105 Mendez Wall Bracket
Mendez Sconce
3140 Redondo 30
3218 Reed Swing Arm Wall
Reed Swing Arm
3721 Huntington Library Wall
Huntington Library
3733 Huntington Single Gallery Wall
Huntington Single Gallery
3734 Huntington Double Gallery Wall
Huntington Double Gallery
3740 Huntington Single Swing Arm Wall
Huntington Single Swing Arm
3750 Huntington Double Swing Arm Wall
Huntington Double Swing Arm
4105 Mendez Table Lamp
Mendez Table Lamp
4761 St. James Table
St. James Table Lamp
5103 Robertson Floor
Robertson Floor Lamp
5105 Mendez Floor Lamp
Mendez Floor Lamp
5751G Huntington Floor
Huntington Floor Lamp
5761 St. James Floor
St. James Floor Lamp
6118 Reed Floor
Reed Floor Lamp